Monday, August 1, 2011

Something old, something new, something borrowed

Welcome to what promises to be another summery week in the Mother City. The reality of varsity has finally begun to sink in, but this clearly hasn’t been having any effect on people’s style and dress sense. It’s all because of the amazing weather – most of us are inspired to try on looks that wouldn’t work in the heart of a wet winter or during a scorching summer. My favourite look for this week is a sort of season mixer, taking things I usually wear during summer and mixing it with winter wardrobe items.

I chose a simple denim-T-blazer look. It’s simple and light enough for Jammie sessions during the day and the blazer is my cover-up for those irritating chilly afternoon lectures. The T-shirt is from Weird Willy which used to be available at YDE (according to my current knowledge they are no longer in existence). The blazer is from Vertigo and the denims are vintage Wranglers that I bought in Obz during Obz fest last year. The boots are from Markham, and from what I’ve seen around campus, they’re highly popular and an affordable buy. It’s not surprising that Markham chose to repeat it with slight variations from last years design. I inherited these Rayban’s from my grandfather and have been rocking them since the eight grade. I found the bandana in a thrift store in Mowbray. I have a newfound obsession with bandana’s, and wear them as head bands, scarves and arm accessories all the time. If Lady Gaga could bring them back in her Judas music video then surely her devoted Little Monster is entitled to try it out with all his looks too.

Lastly my belt is one of many things which I found in my dad’s closet and which I absolutely treasure. I was looking for a gently distressed tan belt for Eid last year and after hopeless efforts of boutique hopping in town for nearly a month (Eid shopping is always crazy) I found this gem at home. The agreement was that I would wear it for Eid and then return it afterward as it is my dad’s favourite “work” belt. Fat chance of that ever happening! I love it because it’s been genuinely distressed, nothing a factory somewhere in the Far East can produce with a machine. Speaking of Eid, I wish all my fellow Muslims a positive and enlightening Ramadan. It’ time to reflect and be closer to your spiritual self while opening a passage to a greater connection with God. That’s exactly what it is – a personal spiritual journey. Everyone has the right to determine the extent to which they choose to embrace tradition and religion, keeping in mind that the line between the two is often blurred. The way I see it, it’s about going into a new phase of life knowing who you are but being willing to find sustainable ways of improving your spirituality. One is supposed to take from this holy month all good things and incorporate it into your daily life. What you choose to take from it is entirely up to you though. No one has the right to judge you.

So here’s to a better understanding of ourselves, our faith and our purpose. For everyone. (And of course a better understanding of our own personal style too!)

Peace, Love & Fashion


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