Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fashion Faith

Scraping your pennies together for a new item of clothing is not new to the any budget strapped student, but for some getting what they want and dressing well is harder than it may seem. The obvious advice one would give to someone less fortunate in the finance department is to be as creatively savvy as possible by being more thrifty in scouring second hand stores, bargain bins and taking ideas to  a sewing machine. But balancing lectures with studies, cooking and a hectic series obsession can dishearten even the most aspiring of fashion lovers who are affected by both fiscal and timely constraints.

I don’t want to preach but my advice to you is to have faith in fashion. Needless to say, but still good to remember, is the fact that like fashion your current circumstances are cyclical. The office job and zeros to your bank balance will be added with time, hard work and belief.  Keep your spirit alive with the vast array of online platforms from which to seek and document your inspiration. Also, instead of drowning yourself in hopeless despair at not being able to bag the latest trends, keep things simple by keeping your personal style simple. By investing in staples you can add years to your look, instead of chasing after the years that will give you better access to more fashionable looks. Trust in your styling abilities and listen to that inner voice that tells you that its ok to justify your cheapness with being a student. Fashion can be frustrating, and sometimes your makeshift version of a trend doesn’t quite cut it even in your own eyes. The point is to stay hungry. When hurdles approach try to figure out a way around them without compromising your own style or budget. It takes contemplation, reflection and perhaps ultimately getting rid of something or an idea to realize what works and what doesn’t work for you.

To quote the editor of the fashion Bible:

“Just be true to yourself, and listen as much as one is able to other people whose opinions you respect and look up to but in the end it has to come from you. You can’t really worry too much by looking to the left and the right about what the competition is doing or what other people in your field are doing. It has to be a true vision.”

Anna Wintour

Some thrifty business with Pippa in our freshman year.


Anathi Jongilanga said...

I've actually never really thought about fashion in this way, as a student it really hard to keep up with the pace at which trends are moving at and juggling academics and a 'normal' social life as well.
However, some of the things you point out here, I've attempted and they work. Maintaining a simple look but still look stylish as ever!

Lucky Mkhize said...

I like how inspiration comes from the very simplest things - on my opinion, fashion is not about following trends but it about individuality, taking the most simplest outfit and making it your own. That's how fashion is made and born and it changes all the time as fashionist come up with something spontaneous and different - which captures everyone's eyes because it is mesmerizing.

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