Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ready, Set, Mo!

The last time I ran after you to get your picture, I was an undergraduate student with starry-eyed ideas of what my life would be like. A lot has changed since then. I ditched the arty films for a calculator, my brogues for trainers and my fairy tale dreams for a full dose of reality. By no means am I devaluing my creative, first degree or “selling out” to a more stable line of study. Simply put I had no idea what I wanted to do and seeked further skills to attempt to use those I already acquired. After graduating I decided to do a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management to try to market the variety of otherwise muddled skills I had acquired throughout my Media degree. Switching faculties gave me a new, slightly altered sense of direction and this trickled down to other areas of my life like my health, fitness and sense of direction. I decided it was time to break down the mental barriers I had built around physical activity after years of failed attempts at the inequitable school sporting system. For the past few months I’ve been hitting the gym, downing protein shakes and eating (for the most part) like a beast, all in the hopes of building a better me and challenging my own ideas of what I am capable of.

My style too, is changing considerably. I am finally allowing myself to like things that make me feel good regardless of the trend or wow factor attached to them. So, when shooting around campus this very last semester I hope to find people who put together looks that speak to them in the moment, people who wear the clothes and not the other way around I hope to find a glimpse of personality in even simple, ordinary ensembles. We all know that trendy looks will always circulate and play on popularity, but simple ones dressed well with a dash of character can create an even longer lasting effect. This semester I urge you to look beyond the trends and to try to focus on your statement style and what truly makes you feel good. Having consistency and confidence in your own styling abilities makes a stronger impression and tells a personal story rather than hopping on the bandwagon of catalogue-styled looks that frequent the paved brick-roads of this beautiful university. Be strong and invest some trust in your own sense of style.

Peace, Love & Fashion


First this happened. 

Then my wardrobe had to change to suit the long hours I was to spend on campus (and then in gym). Bye-bye collared shirts and pretty accessories.

And then after years of changing styles and colour and spending endless amounts on product, I pulled a Britney.


Anthea said...

Well said :)

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